Preventive Dental Services for those in need.

How it Works

A member of our staff will confirm the number of consent forms needed for your location.

Consent forms will be brought to your location to be distributed.

About 2 weeks later our staff will schedule a time to collect the completed consent forms.

The hygienist will meet with you to collect forms and review the area where services will be provided.

At this time we will schedule a date with administrators to provide services. The number of days scheduled will be determined by the number of positive consent forms.

On the scheduled date(s) of service we will arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to set up our portable dental equipment. 

We will coordinate with your staff for each child to be seen. Each child will be escorted by our staff to and from the classroom. Approximate time per child is thirty minutes or less.

Our intent is to be very cooperative and flexible, and we will work hard with your staff and administration to provide the best possible dental care.

Individual assessment reports will be prepared for each child. Their parents and the school administrator or school nurse will receive a copy.  All information gathered for each child will remain private, and we will adhere to HIPAA requirements.